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What do I bring to my appointment?

You must bring your two pieces of valid ID (please see the step 2 of the Step-by-Step tab), and the documents to be notarized. 

What happens at an appointment? As outlined in the Step-by-Step tab, your appointment consists of verifying your identity (and the identities of any other relevant parties), administering the oath or verifying the document, and the signing. 

What is a Commissioner of Oaths? Also called a Commissioner for taking Affidavits. The Commissioner confirms that an oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered. 

What is a Notary public? They verify that signatures and copies of documents are true and genuine. All Notary publics have the powers of a Commissioner of Oaths. 

What is the difference between a Commissioner of Oaths and a Notary? 

Notaries certify the truth of a statement Commissioners of Oaths certify that the oath or affirmation or declaration has been properly administered. 

What is a witness and when do you need one? 

A witness is a neutral third party who will attest to the act of signing to confirm its legitimacy. The witness may also be required to sign in order to make the documents legal. There are three documents in Canada where a witness is mandatory: domestic agreements, power(s) of attorney, and wills. For wills, two witnesses are required if they are not legal professionals. 

Who cannot be a witness?

A witness must be a disinterested and objective party. Not just anyone can be a witness. Some examples of people who cannot be a witness include:

  • anyone with any interest in the matter
  • anyone under 18
  • anyone not of sound mind
  • a relation, spouse etc. 

As long as your witness does not meet any of the above criteria, they can authenticate the signature(s). Some examples include friends (without any connection to the matter), neighbours, coworkers, a lawyer, or any individual that you trust. 

Does Kingmont Notary give legal advice? 

No. Although we are licensed paralegals, no legal advice will be given nor should be inferred. 

Why does Kingmont Notary copy your IDs and the Notarized documents?

We are required by law to have copies of both your IDs and the Notarized document on file. These are kept secure and confidential. 

Does Kingmont Notary provide red notarial seal stickers?

Yes, Kingmont can provide a red notarial seal sticker. This is recommended if you will photocopy the document, as the embossed sticker will create a more clear image. 





18 Regan Road Unit 29

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Phone: +1 (905)-840-2888

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T: +1 (905)-840-2888

E: customerservice@kingmontnotary.com