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1. Book appointment

Please see the Booking Tab to book your appointment online or call our office.

2. Verify Identification

Bring 2 pieces of Valid ID

The first must be valid government photo ID →  passport, drivers license, Ontario photo ID card, permanent residence card, citizenship card.  Health cards are not acceptable ID! 

The second only needs to contain your full name → for example: credit card, Nexus card, SIN card. 

A copy will be scanned and securely stored for the records.  

3. Administering oath/Document verification 

Commissioning → administration of the oath to affirm the documents' contents. 

Certified true copy → bring both the original and the copy to be confirmed by the notary who will certify that the copy is a true copy. If you do not have a copy, we can make one for a nominal fee. 

4. Notarizing/Commissioning (the actual signing)

Documents must be signed in the presence of the Notary. Nothing can be signed by any of the parties in advance. A copy will be scanned and safely stored for the records.

Commissioning → Both you and the Notary/commissioner will then sign the document.  

Certified true copy → signed (and sealed if necessary) to verify that it is a true copy

A copy will be scanned and securely stored for the records. 

5. Payment 

We accept cash, debit/credit or e-transfer.





18 Regan Road Unit 29

Brampton, ON L7A 1C2

Phone: +1 (905)-840-2888

Email: customerservice@kingmontnotary.com    

Website: www.kingmontnotary.com 


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T: +1 (905)-840-2888

E: customerservice@kingmontnotary.com