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Each additional notarization/commission/certification


A witness can be provided upon request for an additional fee

$10.95 per document (not applicable if you bring your own witnesses)

Exhibit with Affidavit

$5.00 per exhibit

Passport Application → declaration in lieu of guarantor, certification of applicant's photo, and certification of document that support the applicant's identity


Mobile services - 65¢ per km



For more information please see Mobile Services tab

Mobile Services

Let us come to you!


Kingmont's mobile services are advantageous for those who cannot come in person: those who do not have access to a vehicle, for health reasons, or simply for convenience. We serve the GTA and charge for the notary services as per our standard pricing (please see "pricing" for more information), 65¢ per km plus a $25 service fee. As such, pricing varies based on distance. Please contact us to discuss your specifics. 

10% discount for students (with valid student ID) and seniors (with valid senior id:) 65+) 

Refund Policy - if we make a mistake on a document that results in it being rejected, you will receive a full refund and correct it free of charge. However, we will not provide a refund if the client misunderstood the requirements of their document or chose the wrong form or document. 

All prices do not include HST.





18 Regan Road Unit 29

Brampton, ON L7A 1C2

Phone: +1 (905)-840-2888

Email: customerservice@kingmontnotary.com    

Website: www.kingmontnotary.com 


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T: +1 (905)-840-2888

E: customerservice@kingmontnotary.com